Steel Pulse: Simmer Down 2014
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In Memoriam
Aaron Leo Brown

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February 10, 2015
Article: From Natty to Hattie (2015) - Our tribute to the late Hattie Carroll (via Bob Dylan)

July 6, 2014
Dig the music Mr. Deejay: Handsworth's reggae heritage

February 26, 2014
Put Your Hoodies On
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January 22, 2014
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January 17, 2013
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July 8, 2013
Steel Pulse
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June 23, 2013
David Hinds
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The Legacy of Bob Marley at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC

March 22, 2013
Steel Pulse
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March 5, 2013 relaunched to help fans learn more about us, the music, and our focus on love and justice.


RAR 78
In 1978, race relations in Britain were in crisis. The National Front was gathering power and immigrants lived in fear of violence.

But that year also saw the birth of a campaign - Rock Against Racism (RAR) - aimed at halting the tide of hatred with music - a grassroots movement culminating in a march across London and an open-air concert in the East End. The campaign involved groups like The Clash, Steel Pulse, Buzzcocks, X-Ray Spex, The Ruts, and others, staging concerts with an anti-racist theme, in order to discourage young people from embracing racist views.

Learn more >>

Jah Bless the People of Handsworth:
SUNDAY, JULY 20, 2014

Simmer Down 2014 Poster

Yes mi Irieites,

We want to thanks all our friends and fans for the warm welcome we received at the Simmer Down Festival 2014.

THANKS to everyone for coming out and supporting the community. Special thanks to DRUM, Apache Indian and Musical Youth.

We hope to see you all again, sooner this time!

Simmer Down

Keep singing with us:

I say the people of Handsworth, know that
One hand wash the other so they say
So let's join hands my bredren
Make the way for our children (our children, our children)
And their children (their children, their children)
Ensuring that they get life's fair share of...
Doesn't justice stand for all
Doesn't justice stand for all
Doesn't justice stand for all mankind
We find society putting us down
Crowning us, crowning us, crowning us, crowning us
A place of Evil, OH, OH
Handsworth means us the Black People
Handsworth means us the Black People
We're taiklng now. Speaking JahJah language!

It's a long, long way we're coming from
To send this message across, across
Its been hidden, forbidden, concealed, unrevealed
Its got to come out In the open that -


It was foolish to build It on the sand
Handsworth shall stand, firm - like Jah rock
- fighting back
We once beggars are now choosers
No intention to be losers
Striving forward with ambition
And if it takes ammunition
We rebel in Handsworth revolution

Dread town, dread town, dread town,
Dread town, dread town, dread town,

Dread we are for a cause
Deprived of many things
Experienced phoney laws
Hatred Babylon brings
We know what we got to offer
We know what's going on
Don't want no favours
Cause there is still hunger
Innocent convicted
Poor wage, hard labour
Only Babylon prospers
And humble suffer
They are my brothers in South Africa
One Black represent all, all over the world
Can't bear it no longer
Blessed wlth the power
Of Jah Creator
We will get stronger
And we will conquer
And forward ever, and backward never
Handsworth Revolution
Handsworth Revolution
Handsworth Revolution
Revo- Revo- Revolution
Revo- Revo- Revolution
Revo- Revo- Revolution
Revo- Revo- Revolution
Revo- Revo- Revolution

Stay blessed,
David "Dread"
July 16, 2014

Simmer Down 2014

The Steel Pulse Tour: Handsworth

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David "Dread" Hinds points out Places of Interest:

A. 16 Linwood Rd. This is where it all began, down in the basement/cellar of Mr C.P. Hinds.

B. Dawson Rd, a street where we played soccer quite often.

C. Grove Lane Junior School (now Grove Primary), attended by myself, Phonso and Michael Riley.

D. Handsworth Park. This police patrolled patch of land was where many a clash took place with the Ghetto and the Youths and those that went to Grammar school. The heart of the Ghetto.

E. Thornhill Rd Police Station. The Belly of the Beast.

F. Right next to King Edwards Grammar School, was the Santa Rosa Club and the beginning of "Front Line." It was there we won the "The Best Reggae Band competition."

G. Crick Lane; one of the few back alleys - off the beaten path- often used by individuals trying to avoid any police confrontation. Hence, a short cut to freedom.

H. The "Dole Queue." This unemployment office facing the Ivy House pub on Ivy Rd. was our main source of survival.

I. Handsworth Library. Whenever, I was suspended from school, I spent some time at the library. It was my way of keeping up with my grades! (Also spent some time here hiding from Mr. C.P. Hinds.) Next to the library was the Elite Movie Theatre. Might as well it was a Karate school; the whole community learned how to fight watching Kung Fu films.

J. Soho Road was the main street of the Ghetto, a densely populated Caribbean and Asian community of domestic commerce

K. We were all frequent members of Shorty's Blues Dance on Murdoch Rd.


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