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Mayweather vs Pacquiao

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This is the great day for boxing fans. Mayweather vs Pacquiao. Hyped up to the hilt. Who’s gonna win? Well, let’s see.

To begin with, although both fighters are past their prime, fighters that have to rely on their legs as opposed to their hands tend to be a lot slower as the years go by. Therefore, I tip Pacquaio to be the faster of the two. So Mayweather might feel the need to be concentrating on throwing more punches than he usually does. That’s gonna be tough against an opponent that is more known for his knockout ability and hand speed combinations than anything else.

Another thing that I have observed about fighters as the years go by, is that they tend to get cut easier. Again, that is another disadvantage to Mayweather, being the older man. Tyson, Ali, they all got cuts to show during the last part of their career. So Mayweather has to watch out for any form of clashes and clinching that will result in an eye cut, especially if it is in the first half of the fight. If this was to happen to Mayweather, the fight is over. I would hate to see any of the two fighters defeated based on that scenario.

From my observation, Pacquiao has nothing at all to lose. He has felt defeat five times and even knockouts, plus he has 95% of America on his side as well as his own country. So that will be a ball of confidence in itself. It will not be easy for Mayweather to go into the ring totally focused knowing that the majority of his own country is against him, but if he is as focused as they say he is, it might not phase him one bit. It reminds me of the days of Ali, when almost all America was against him. They came in droves to see the man who is now hailed as an icon, lose.

Having said this, if Mayweather did his training in the proper manner and observed all of Pacquiao’s previous fights he will see and be aware that his opponent will not bother to chase him, but cut the ring short and pull off all styles of combinations. In doing so he will be saving his energy for later rounds hoping that Mayweather might be tired by then to be susceptible to a knock out. Failing that he still would have scored enough punches in the meantime if that doesn’t work.

Finally, although Mayweather’s potential has yet to convince me, if he is as smart as they say ( well, he must be to have gone 47-0-0), he should also focus on Pacquiao being off balance on 27% of the punches he throws. With that off balance problem, Mayweater should take advantage. If you observe, Pacquiao was off balance when he was knocked out cold and when he was last knocked down. Those punches were not hard punches but punches that caught him off guard during the time he was off balance. So, I predict Mayweather, as slow as he might be and being at another disadvantage to be fighting a south paw, should still be able to clinch the championship.

Commemorations and Livications

Yes Mi Irieites,

Today we commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release of one of Spike Lee’s most recognized movies, “Do The Right Thing.”

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Spike has been known for several films throughout the years that have enlightened the world on the racial divide in the USA. He depicts stories and experiences that are timeless and remain current –  just look at  the everyday news incidents of today.

Well done, Spike for waking up the world and letting us all be aware that the planet will one day grind to a halt without Universal Love.

This is also the 15th anniversary, since the death of Zimbabwe’s national hero, Joshua Nkomo; the man that might have made a difference in the southern African country’s future.

In regards to other special events: Mike Tyson’s birthday is today. You should go out and read his awesome autobiography: Undisputed Truth.

Also our dear friend and business associate, Cassandra Goins, “Happy Birthday,” girl.

And last but by no means least, Sister Faybienne Miranda, whose earth day is today but passed late last year. Protection to you family continually, dear.

The Great Train Robbery @ 50

Hail Mi Irieites,

There have been speculations as to the exact date, but I will put it that today, April 16th 2014 marks the 50th anniversary since 9 men were sentence to a period of 30 years for their part in one of the biggest robbery in British history.

The Great Train Robbery took place in the early hours on the 8th August 1963. The Royal Mail train was scheduled to travel between Glasgow and London and was attacked by about 15 men, spearheaded by Bruce Reynolds. Ultimately, 2.6million pounds (the equivalent to 73,000,000 dollars, today), was stolen from the transport, which started one of the most infamous manhunt in British history.

Although Bruce Reynolds was the ringleader and Buster Edwards went on to have films made of him, the name that everyone still brings to mind of this wild experience was Ronald Arthur Biggs. Ronald Biggs, who recently died last December, became legendary when he escaped from Wandsworth Prison, only serving just over two years of his 30-year sentence. From there he went on the run all over the world for at least 35 years, spending much of his time in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Steel Pulse was fortunate to link with Ronnie Biggs on quite a few occasions, in Brazil. “It is not often that one gets confronted with a legend.” It was at a time when Brazil was contemplating whether to extradite Biggs back to England, although they had no such treaty in place between the two countries. Biggs, being the father of a Brazillian citizen was given the rights to stay by the Brazillian authorities for that reason. But he was to lose those rights once the child, Michael (who went on to be a young celebrity), became an adult. Biggs went on to win his claim to remain in Brazil. So you can imagine how angry Britain was for not getting their way.

Mike, if you are out there, please make a link. It would be good to catch up on old times, bro….

A Tribute to Bruce Lee

BruceLeeHail Mi Irieites,

This is an undying love for one of the most inspirational figures that has entertained our community while we came of age…. the masterful Bruce Lee.  This day July 20th, marks the 40th anniversary of his death.

So give some thought to Bruce, our unforgotten warrior. (27.11.1940 – 20.07.1973)

Just finished watching a documentary special on him.  BTW, Bruce shared the same birth date as another icon who passed on while in his prime……. James Marshall Hendrix