A big up to my brethren Jah B who I know is returning from a very successful “Martyrs Day” event of which he himself initiated in Jamaica.  Although this actual event took place on the 19th Feb, I can’t help but to prolong it’s lease of life by giving it a mention in this “Black History Month” period, especially in light of today being the 51st anniversary since the assassination of Malcolm X.  Yes, we have more to follow within this week.  A few days from now will be the 4th year since the slaying of Trayvon Martin, who would have been a grown 21 year man if he had lived this month, also.

And you think Nelson Mandela holds the record of years being incarcerated.  Well, we have got to consider, Albert Woodfox, who was imprisoned for 43 years, most of which was solitary confinement.  Albert, was released two days ago, age 69.  The question is, will he reach to 95 years, like Mandela?  Make no mistake, this is all part of Black History Month… And finally, well for now, a shout out to our former lead guitarist, Donovan McKitty.  Blessings mi brethren, blessings…