DARC Ethiophile Banquet & Meritorious Awards (2015)

DARC Ethiophile Banquet & Meritorious Awards (2015)

DARC Foundation
Sunday, November 8, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM (EST)  RICHMOND HILL, NY

Every year during the time of the Great Coronation, the RasTafari nation commemorates the occasion with a variety of celebrations. This year the Diaspora African RasTafari Congress presents a regal Ethiophile Banquet and Awards ceremony.

This event not only pays homage to African Zion Divine Negus Nägäst but also commemorates the birth of the Great RasTafari nation as well as the revelation of the Sirius star system to the Western World. During the event we recognize the works of our peers within the global Pan-African community, and congregate in a united and exemplary manor that befits the moral integrity of Royal Ethiopian subjects.

The mission of the Diaspora African Rastafari Congress of the Americas (DARC) is to promote and preserve the advancement of Rastafari through social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological ventures. The purpose is to provide sustainable outlets for the African community globally that will advocate the right to return to our African homeland; to protect the self-determination of the movement; and to engender selfless public service while safeguarding African culture and tradition.

For more info please visit www.darcfoundation.org.