One thought on “Aloha Forever!”

  1. So you all seem to be enjoying your Hawaii experience, although you have been there before. But it’s David’s bday coming up. How better then to spend your bday in Hawaii! I WANT TO BE THERE WITH YOU GUYS!!!!…David you better not be looking at those girls on the beach. Like you did in Brazil. Butt watchers you I’m serious, David you don’t know it but you belong to me. I’m younger, not bad looking. Ok i’m of mixed race, blk & puerto rican. So i’m still a sister. But i have to get really serious. You are the reason for my conversion, i thank you (steel pulse) for that. My life is more serene now, i have an euphoric feeling everytime i listen to you and Bob Marley. In other words, i feel IRIE!!….i would LOVE to meet you all. I love you guys, you are wonderful, humane, and concerned for the planet. Thats exactly how i view the world. I just wanted to let you know how i admire you and your music, which is about all i listen to. So with that being said, again THANK YOU GENTLEMEN. I think your ALL awesome. But i am pretty partial to David. I love you guys, continue to woo the world (RASPECT) (RESPECT)!. ..David you can get back in touch…IJS…;-)

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