More Thoughts on the Pistorius Trial

Still Pissed off.

So Oscar Pistorius is on the witness stand and may I add that he has ‘added’ a lot more to his series of events than he initially placed in his final statement. Why are we not surprised? And what he has added still doesn’t make any sense. Comments like:

He whispered to Reeva to call the police. Well, if he whispered how did he expect Reeva to speak out to the police if he was all about keeping quiet because of “an intruder.” Would you not think Reeva would react in some kind of way towards that order? Why did he not respond back to her when he did not get any verification from Ms Steenkamp that she heard his demand to call the police, or that she heard that so called “noise,” too?

He said he had asked her to take the fan from the balcony before he fell asleep and she said she would. Therefore, she didn’t sleep the time he said she did. Plus, why was he so concerned about a fan when he had air conditioning in the bedroom along with its remote right next to his side of the bed? Are you feeling me on this one, Mi Irieites? Anyway, he goes on to saying that when he woke again to get the fan from the balcony, Reeva supposed to have said, “Can’t you sleep?” His reply was “No”, and then he went to get the fan. Now the question is, why would Reeva, who had just a few seconds spoke with him, go all the way down to the bathroom and go in to the toilet and lock herself in, in total darkness knowing that he was already awake? If he knew that he had spoken to Reeva only moments ago why would he not ask Reeva right away, (right there in the bedroom) who, according to him was obviously awake when she answered him, if she was there and if she heard any kind of noise? Please bear in mind, I have yet to come across anything in his statement or otherwise as to the reason why he would wake up in the middle of the night to get the fan. He has made no mention to being hot or whatever. Even so, it takes me right back to the point I am making and that’s why drag yourself out of your sleep to get a fan when the remote for the air conditioning is right next to you on your bedside table?

If Pistorius were as paranoid as he wants us to believe, would he not do a thorough security check around the entire building before going to sleep, as a rule of thumb? He claims that he heard the bathroom door slam and that’s how he knew some “intruder’ was in there. This story was nowhere to be found in his initial statement. To place more fuel to this fire, he stated that he heard the bathroom door “slam shut.” If so, why would Reeva go to the bathroom in total darkness and enter the toilet area then “slam” the door shut? If an intruder were sneaking around why would he/she slam the door shut, in the dark?

We must all bear in mind that at least 5 witnesses said they heard a woman screaming followed by shots that night. Why would as much as five witnesses, living in different locations all hear the same thing? Why didn’t one say “well I heard a dog barking or a hyena or wolf howling followed by a swishing sound? Furthermore, all the witnessed hear the shots in the early hours, close to 3.00am that night. Why didn’t one say, “Well, I heard the shots at 1.00am”or another say, “I heard it about 4.30am?” All witnesses said the heard the shots and screams roughly the same time, given a minute or two, as a time difference.

How will Pistorius explain the damage to his own bedroom door? How does he explain the blood splatters in different parts of the house, other than the bathroom and where he left her downstairs?

Why would someone move a body after it suffered such mortal injuries, and take it downstairs? What was to be gained in saving Reeva’s life by moving her body? Commonsense tells us all that she would be more harmed by moving her body.

Another point we should not overlook and that is the fact that when the police asked Pistorius for the password for his cell phone, he said he had forgotten it. How convenient.

In all honesty, the prosecution has been very weak; weak to the point where I wonder if they are purposely intending on losing this case. The defense now will spend all the time trying to chip away on the text messages showing a disgruntled Reeva and will be trying to show that she was a needy and jealous person, too. This should cancel out the accusations of Pistorius’ going off on tantrum syndromes and bad tempered behaviour, said by people that know him. The prosecution doesn’t need any witnesses really; and if they do, why not use all 107 of them? No one gives a damn about we the taxpayer’s money, anyway. All they need to do is hone in on Mr. Pistorius’ statement and they will get everything they need.

The question still is, does Pistorius deserve an Oscar for his courtroom performance?

2 thoughts on “More Thoughts on the Pistorius Trial”

  1. If you heard a noise outside your bedroom that woke you from your sleep, wouldn’t you turn over or feel to see if your partner is in the bed with you. Answer me that Mr Pistorius!!
    Why do all who know you say you can be so hotheaded & love flash & shoot up you gun.
    Nuff said Dread, and like you I think the jury is well weak.
    But I pray Reeva is in a nice place in spirit, waiting for justice to her death, which I pray she will get.
    but as a song we both love says ” Someone will have to pay, for the innocent blood, that they shed everyday
    oh children mark my word”
    We Irie Ites David

  2. If you wake up in the night knowing someone else is in the house with you, and you hear a noise in the house, the first thought would be “the other person must be awake”, not “intruder!”.

    All I see, from my position of near total ignorance, is a man wracked with panic and trying very hard to pretend to be traumatised by the terrible accident he’s claiming happened.
    I don’t know anyone who is convinced.

    Changing the subject completely – very much looking forward to Simmer Down in July.

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