Pissed Off: The Oscar Pistorius Legal Circus

With reasoning, Mi Irieites.

I have been keeping an eye on the Oscar Pistorius case and it appears that the whole trial will be based on how cunning the lawyers are, once again, as opposed to truth and rights.

It is up to us, the general public to put in action our commonsense regardless of what these highly paid “Clever Clogs” are construing.

All these witnesses hearing noises before shoots or after shots and how far and how near this and that was, appears to be irrelevant to me, when all one has to do is hone in on the statement the athlete himself has made.

He claims that he shot his girlfriend Reeva, in the dark, mistaking her for an intruder; totally being unaware of her presence in the toilet.

Question: Why should Reeva, who has only been dating him for 12 weeks, leave the bed to go to the bathroom from his pitch black bedroom and walk 7metres all the way down to a dark bathroom, then go further into the “dark” bathroom to use the toilet that has a door on it, then “lock” herself in, and sit there in total darkness to use the toilet?

Question: Was Reeva fully dressed when she left the bedroom to use the bathroom? Remember, she was suppose to be assumed fast asleep next to him since 10.00pm that night.

Question: Why leave your bed to go out unto the balcony to get the fan when you have a remote control for the air conditioning lying right next to you on the same table where you have your gun and watch? I can understand if it were po’ folks like us trying to cut back on
our electricity bills.

Remember, he said it was dark from in his bedroom and he was unable to see anything. Mi Irieites, I am up to listening to any of your suggestions on this. Just do the maths and I am sure you will get an “Oscar” for your performance on this one…

‘Cause what we are all striving for, is Love and Justice through Music, right?

5 thoughts on “Pissed Off: The Oscar Pistorius Legal Circus”

  1. As I have always maintained, truth is the first casualty in a court of law, followed by justice and then, maybe… the victim.

  2. So true my rasta brother if I was to wake up and my missus wasn’t with me I’m shore I would think it was her in the toilet and would ask befor shooting a gun but I learnt a long time ago a quote -let wisdom flee and justice hide its face in shame for we have entered a court of law-annomiss ,what a waste of a beautiful life jah love from this Maori boy from little old New Zealand

  3. Good observations and brilliant deductive reasoning! You could have been a lawyer! Keep the commentary coming, I wasn’t even interested in this trial before reading this, but David Hinds aka Perry Mason is delightful!

  4. Iris Ras Hind.in true Rastafarian spirit you have stood up for the truth,and not the isms. and schesms of the parasitic vampires called lawyers.keep educating us Man Hah guide!

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