50 Years: Boom! Ali vs. Liston

Yes Mi Irieites,

Once again, Our-Story and not His-Tory is in the makings.  Speaking of which, today is the 50th anniversary of the legendary Muhammad Ali beating Charles Sonny Liston, in Miami, 1964.

It was a moment I remember vividly, while our family watched it on TV in the early hours of the morning in Handsworth, Birmingham, England.  The pandemonium was something else that day.  It was the most wonderful feeling I have even seen to bestow my mother, father, uncles, aunt and elder brothers and sisters.   One would have thought we had “Bingoed” The National Lottery.

Muhammad, then called Cassius Clay, was the 7 to 1 underdog, who was hated by many because of his boastfulness, arrogance and assurance.  It was an attitude that we the minority, and also the underdogs of society who had no courage, were longing to have.

As the great man would say, “If any man would ever dream of beating me, he’d better wake up and apologise!”

Muhammad, Boom you are the best, Biff you pass ever test and Zapp, Jah Love and Jah Bless!

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