3 thoughts on “A Portrait of Malcolm X”

  1. Good job!!! Ruff sketch of a tuff fighter for and lover of his people. Pan-Africans Inite. (The “inite” was a mistake but was deliberately left that way after considering the audience.) A story about Baba Omowale that I found captured his essence: The Arabs and certain powerful groups within Islam really wanted Malcolm X on their side. There was a serious attempt to persuade Malcolm to turn on Elijah Muhammad and establish a second Islamic group based on what they consider Orthodox Islam. They offered him 3.5 million dollars – he turned it down. And we were walking down the street towards his car: This man had just turned down 3.5 million dollars, whacked me on the shoulder, and said, “Swine eater, let me buy you a cup of coffee.”…He was more loyal to Elijah Muhammad than Elijah Muhammad eventually was to him! –> John Henrik Clarke

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