Hail Julia Butterfly: The Inspiration for “Global Warning”

Hail Mi Irieites,

JuliabutterflyhillmicSteel Pulse is wishing Julia “Butterfly” a well deserved Happy 40th Birthday, today.  Julia Butterfly, whose Babylonian name is Julia Lorraine Hill, was our inspiration to write the song “Global Warning.”  This came about when she took it on herself to live in a redwood tree, that she herself called “Luna,” for a period of 738 days (Dec 10th 1997-Dec 18th 1999), in Northern California.

Her purpose was to save the 1,500 year old tree that stood 180 feet tall (55metres), from being cut down as well as  the forest that surrounded it, by the Pacific Lumber Company.  Her mission succeeded.

Julia, this is just to let you know that you are a real trooper, fighting against those plentiful nights of cold and rain to get your message across.  This is just to show you the power of the individual when one truly believes in something.  You will not be forgotten.

“Global Warning, we looking for love,
Stand up and be counted, don’t ever let them chop us down.”

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