RASpect: Bunny Rugs [1948-2014]

Mi Irieites,


Sorry to be the bearer of this sad news in this 2014.  Bunny Rugs, the lead singer of Third World was pronounced dead a few hours ago.  He had a long bout of cancer.

Only 3 days short of his 66th birthday, this man was not only one of reggae’s biggest voices but also a dear friend of ours. We will be paying tribute to this icon who has left an incredible legacy behind.

To Cat, Richie, Ruption and the rest of the crew, our heartfelt condolences.

18 thoughts on “RASpect: Bunny Rugs [1948-2014]”

  1. Wow! This is sad indeed. Never will be forgotten, cause he had a helluva voice. The music will live on. Fortunately, I had the pleasure of seeing them live on stage in Trinidad some time aback (think it was in the ’80s), when they shared the stage with y’all, D.
    Condolences to the brothers of Third World, and to the Reggae community overall. May he have a smooth transition and be graciously welcomed into the ancestral realm.


    1. RISE IN PEACE, RUGS! Although Bob’s music heavily influenced me, two reggae vocalists really inspired me as a teenager. David (Hinds) and Rugs. My voice is closer to David’s (plus that’s my middle name), so I tended to copy Steel Pulse’s style. I was fortunate to open for Third World in the late eighties, at a private wedding in Cincinnati, OH. Got to hang out in the dressing room with the Reggae Ambassadors. I met Rugs again in New Jersey, and he always had that smile on. He is such a talent, and will be sorely missed. Condolences to his family, friends, and fans. George David Goddard (Ras D).

    2. He will be missed, I was just listening to his Music these past weeks in honor of a brethren I recently lost,who loved all Reggae but Third World was at the top of our list,may Bunny Rugs enjoy the reggae party going on in heaven with all the other Reggae soldiers in heaven.Peace Jah rastafari!

  2. Very sad news indeed. Thank You for letting us know. He will surely be missed. RIP Bunny and know that your positive vibes are timeless and your legacy will live on in the music world forever.
    -one of your thousands (probably millions) of admiring fans

  3. Surely a sad day for the reggae music Industry. A powerful voice, icon and wonderful man had passed today. Bunny your music will live on and you will always be remembered. Thanks for sharing your superb vocals and your amazing talent. R.I.P Mr. Rugs

  4. a very sad time and loss. willl forever love your music and miss you dearly bunny rugs. third world are one of my favourite groups and i will remember you and the times i enjoyed listening to and singing along to your sounds and vibe. Jah rastafari. condolscenes to your whanau and the reggae community oxoxoxoxoxoxox

  5. Rest peacefully in ZION fada,,Heartikal.. sympathy to all whos gonna miss you..remember when i was watching the Video “PRISONER IN THE STREET”..growing up..listening 96 degrees in the shade. its one of my freedom anthems…a whole people will remember you…and Third World music..Satta amassagana..selah..this land far away awaits I and I.

  6. I met Rugs once in St.Kitts the last time they visited and felt like i knew him forever “Bunny Rugs” an amazing spirit, awesome musician a fantastic human being.I extend to his Family,the group THIRD WORLD my deepest heart felt condolences.May he still travel with us in spirit. NoGo St.Kitts/Nevis.

  7. He was a very gracious man. I had the pleasure of seeing him in concert, and meeting him in person. He was also my neighbor here in Florida. May he rest in peace. His voice will live on for eternity!

  8. Wow! So many memories of his voice pulling my mind and spirit through some of my toughest days! I had just started to look at 3rd world tour schedule for 2014. I remember he slipped onto Sidney’s mic in Del Mar years back and sang No more weapons for a few bars and he and Sid had a good laugh about that! Gonna miss his irreplaceable voice and energy! Many thanks to his family, friends and bandmates for sharing him with us! From their song…”Surely, we’ll never die”….

  9. Remember the wonderful music and vibes with Third World brothers when they played here in Hawkes Bay.You were magic.Condolences to your family,you will never be forgotten,Bless you on your journey. Clare

  10. I extend my deepest sympathy to the Family of my friend Bunny Rugs and all Third World Band members past and present.
    Rugs’ voice was golden and will live on forever.
    I will never forget when he invited me onstage to sing with the Band during the Spirit Of Unity World Tour in 1999 at the San Diego Street Scene and then again at the last show of the tour in Dana Point California. Also performing alongside him on the Tonite Show with Jay Leno when he and I sang the chorus to Bob Marley’s “Jamming” together was a very special moment and highlight of my career. That tour will forever be tattooed in my mind because of Rugs & The Third World Band, what made it even more special was when he gave me on of his very popular hats. To me he was the greatest singer to walk the planet and I always say two people taught me to sing Bunny Rugs and the other one being Maurice White from EWF. Rugs’ voice was distinct and he was an excellent performer if not for him I could not be the singer I am today.
    Your Spirit and VOICE will live on.
    Rest In Peace my Brother…..I will miss you.

    1. What a Great lost to music period!Reggae or not.Bunny had one of the greatest voices God has given us the pleasure to listen to.Steel Pulse and Third World by far my two favorite bands of all time.Had a pleasure of meeting Bunny a couple of times,even though it was short it felt like eternity.His kindness and that smile meant a lot to me.My condolences go to his family and his Worlder brothers Cat,Ritchie,and the band.Stay strong!God Bless!WE LOVE YOU!!!!Rest in Peace Brother Bunny Pulse and World Fan Forever,James

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