In Memoriam: Faybiene Miranda

Hail Mi Irieites,

The Steel Pulse Family is consumed with sadness to learn of the tragic loss of Faybiene Miranda, the dear wife of our dear brother Cliff ‘Moonie’ Pusey.


Few could compare to her. She stood for all that is good – the love of words, education, meaning and yes, the future. She was a true revolutionary – full of love and hope for the next generation.  She was the godmother of my daughter – Shashamane.

Moonie, we can’t begin to imagine what you are feeling, but let us share our heart-felt condolences.

Take a few minutes, Mi Irieietes, to listen:

An Interview:

Prophecy – her song was banned in Jamaica:


A Poem for My Godmother by Shashamane

You were my godmother
The one God chose for me
You brought kindness
And compassion.

You are my definition
Of perfection
My explanation of

You will always be
My jewel and treasure,
My universe, My all;
My Godmother!

So inspirational
With little effort
A marvellous poet
A wonderful woman

My Godmother
Good mother
Great and adoptive mother to all

Because of you,
I will now find
New territories of

14 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Faybiene Miranda”

  1. It is with great sadness that I read the news of Faybiene’s passing. As a Dub Poet I always found her words insightful, timely, educational, Inspiring and thought provoking!

    Jah Rest her soul!

    Ras Marcus Benjamin

  2. Thank you for sharing this. In my 33 years I have never ever seen my aunt perform anything! However she was always delivering a message somehow. The way she spoke, the way she carried herself, the way she loved. She sang many times for us over the years but I’ve never seen her on stage. You are already missed greatly by your remaining siblings. And we are all here patiently waiting for you to be reunited with The Lord God our Father, and your earthly father and 2 siblings. Love you Aunt Faye – until we meet again!

    1. A poem for SisTAR Fabian Who Went Home~ Dec 21, 2013

      For Our SisTAR : Wow! My SisTAR I has Joined The Ancestors ~ I just Found Out On the Winter Solstice The First DAY of Winter!!!!! I think NOT~ The Warmth Of Her Soul Has Graced this Day with Natures Temperatures that Let Us Take Our Coats Off~ Just Like Our SisTAR Did~ She Took off Her Coat of Flesh ~ So Her Spirit /Soul Could Fly With Ease ~ Forward Within Creation ~ Thank You Almighty Creator For Allowing Our Life Paths To Meet on The Sacred Ground of Mama Earth ~ I livcate these Words To You My SisTAR ~ For I know that Your Spirit Feels Me Through My Heart ~ In the Everyday Life We At Times Get Very Busy and Miss Each Other ~ However Once Souls Connect We Shall Never Miss Each Other~ Namaste~ Kufunya Ife~

  3. Ras David, this is a great tribute to Mama Faybiene, give thanks. Those of us who know her as a sister, mother, not only to Chi, but countless numbers, including my 12; Celebrate her life. Mama Faybiene is truly a master artist, poet, griot, teacher; who has touched our hearts and lives in a spiritual way. For me she is the personification of love. I feel honored to have her in my life. One heart of Love to Chi & Papa Moonie in their time of bereament. They would both agree that Mama Faybiene would want all who know her, to be Joyful in thoughts and action, at the remembrance of her transition. R.I.P. Rise In Power Faybiene Miranda.

  4. The ancestors welcomes an Empress. For those of us who choose to engage the world from an African centered perspective we are rewarded with families- political, cultural and spiritual sisters and brothers. It is this love that has kept us going from generation to generation. We have many people to love and many people to love us. The greatest reward is more people to love and guide our children. Not only was Sister Faybiene there for our children but she has left a repository of work and life’s lessons that would inform generations to come. Chi your mom had a smile that lit up the universe and the universe shone even brighter when she talked about you. Thanks for being the daughter who shared her mother with so many others. Brother Moonie last Thursday’s mbongi meeting and all the laughter in the van back to Brooklyn is indelibly etched in my memory. This morning some of us took to the oceans edge at sunrise with fruits and flowers like our Sister would have us do. We gave thanks for the privilege of knowing her spirit and we gave thanks for the love you shared, heart to heart and shoulder to shoulder.

  5. “…From across a Stadium Field, We Waved 2 one Another…Next Momentz, She’d Be Right at My Elbow Speaking in ‘HER TONE of EAZE’…Never Really Noticing the Stridez, She’d taken to Arrive Next to Me…Yet, It’z Importance, made It Just So…The In4mation, I’d Receive In Her Company…The Tranzlationz of Truthz, Life Lessonz & W/Such Enthuziazm, Faybiene Enlightened All Who Genuinely Absorbed Her Tone & Word Rythmz…Eyez Aglow! Thank You, Blessed One…My Heart Heavy, Soul Filled, Brimming W/Thankfulness & Honour, Having been Touched by Your Special Spirit & Delicate/Powerful Being…Alwayz in My Memory of That Field, Last Gig of Maxi’z Tour, Playing Photographerz in Hawaii…We Snapped away & Giggled, Like Young School Gurlz, w/outta Care…<3 I Thank U, Once Again…Blessup, Queen, On your New Adventure…Love, Alwayz, Respect…:-*"

  6. I have never seen our sister outside of an act of grace and have long stood in admiration of her innate ability to make one feel at once exalted and humble.

    What an African! What an amazing woman!

    I am in special prayer for her daughter and husband…both of whom she loved without abandon.

    In love and struggle,

  7. David,
    Bless up for sharing Sis Faybiene ‘s lyrical vibes.
    First, I am so sorry to hear , Moonie.
    My heartfelt prayer is for Almighty Father to wrap you and your loved ones in His unconditional loving embrace and that you will find peace and comfort thru Him.
    Second, thank you for sharing Faybiene’s gift thru the youtube vid. It is my first time
    hearing her poetry and it lit something within that makes me want to hear more.
    I can honestly see and feel her “Light” flowing from her!
    Much love,
    Irie Cathy

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