Prayers for my father

Hail Mi Irieites,

Today, I bear strong thoughts of my father, Charles Percival Hinds (15.11.1921- 08.11.2003).

Even now I give thanks for his endurance, patience and belief in the band; long before the world had recognised our potential.  It was through his eyes that I initially viewed the world and its political history.  Though his methods were crude in description, I was able to adapt and interpret from him the energy, that you, our fans, have been able to identify with in our music.

Homage to the original Mr Hinds….

12 thoughts on “Prayers for my father”

  1. all my sincere respect to the STEEL PULSE Familly .
    me and my familly are sharing your hard time Mr Hinds

    love from Reunion Island 974


  2. Well David as Charles Percival Did Inspire you so much, shaping who you are, how you think and the bands music. Charles is one of the good people we meet in life, and good people have all my Honour and respect, Bless him that he may progress rejoyce and grow in spirit as he did with his footprints on earth.
    He is teaching people in spirit how to widen their heart & thought i am sure.
    One Love & A Irie Ites.

    Jonathan D. Binns

  3. Jah’s blessings to you and yours. The word “visionary” was put in my mind. I lost my mom 19 years ago this month and my father 19 years ago next month. They are forever with me. I understand your feelings. Peace and love, Sir.
    Love from NYC Michele

  4. Big up my bred,you da one of our biggis star,and we apreciate the band alot.nuff love and respect from the litle iland of San Andres and Old Providence in the west caribbean,one lov Jah bless

  5. The dates, :) – I can never forget.
    Life is a stage, a process. Once we make the best of what’s given to us in this lifetime, like your Dad did, we’ll always be able to smile.

  6. Hail Up RastaMan. I can imagine our fathers trodding down Soho saying one to the other,
    ‘Di Rasta ‘ead bwoy dem neva tunn out too bad sah.’
    ‘A true man, nuh too bad at … !’

    I an I love we Daddy.

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