Kenya, Stand Strong

Hail Mi Irieites,

The Ghanian poet Kofi Awoonor lost his life in the terrorist attack on Nairobi’s Westgate mall, along with a growing number of victims still being counted. Here is a prophetic excerpt from one of his last poems:

We are the celebrants
whose fields were
overrun by rogues
and other bad men who
interrupted our dance
with obscene songs and bad gestures

KenyaflagAs the smoke clears, and the stories start coming out, like this one about the courage of a four-year old child, let us pause and consider the idea that the taking of an innocent human life is ever justified. It is not, and can never be.  No god or God would ever condone it.

And it is when we think about the ideologues who masterminded this heinous act that we should remind ourselves to always remember our humanity.  We are all born of One Love. Without this Love, we are no better than animals. Let us condemn all people who plot and scheme to kill their brothers and sisters in the name of religion. There is no glory or grace for these haters.

Let us pray, Mi Irieites, that the lives of these innocent were not lost in vain. There were people of all nationalities in Westgate mall. Let us honor them all.

Kenya, stand strong. The good people of this world stand with you. Let us unite and work together to defeat the purveyors of hate.  Steel Pulse has always believed in the triumph of LOVE over HATE. Always and in all ways.

Jah Bless Kenya, and the innocents who lost their lives.

5 thoughts on “Kenya, Stand Strong”

  1. So well said, my friend. My heart also goes out the the families of the departed, as well as those who would have survived this. Over here, we say in jest: ‘Hmm, there must be a Trini there, eh’ … Sadly, this is one time I wish there wasn’t.
    Permit me to quote you as I close: “Jah bless Kenya, and the innocents who lost their lives”

    Heather G
    Trinidad & Tobago

  2. Hail David,

    Very well articulated, my friend. What happened in Kenya recently is beyond comprehension, but one thing is certain; Kenya will rise up and stand tall once again.

    To pick up on your point that we are all born of One Love; while this is true, it is also true that there are those who allow themselves to be indoctrinated by an ideology of hatred and intolerance toward those whose religious and political views differ from their own. That One Love is replaced by unfathomable hate for reasons you and I will never truly understand.

    Mother Kenya, stand tall with your head unbowed.

    One love and bless up.

    Errol C
    Mississauga, ON, Canada

  3. Well said The good people of this world do stand with them. Good people and many prayers. This inspires my conscience to work harder at kindness and all that is good and pure. One love. Thank you for the good message.
    -Kristin Young, Canada

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