Our Condolences to Amlak Tafari


Our sincere condolences to Steel Pulse family member and bassist Amlak Tafari whose father Aaron Leo Brown passed away recently. The funeral will be held on July 7th.
As Amlak says “Mi Love Mi Daddy and Mi Daddy Love Me; Not Gone, Never Forgotten.”
Peace, Love, Guidance and more Strength…

5 thoughts on “Our Condolences to Amlak Tafari”

  1. So sorry Amlak to hear of the passing of your father. May God bless you and your family during this difficult time.
    Chris Holley/ Charlotte,North Carolina

  2. Dear Amlak,

    So sorry on hearing about the passing of your Father.
    Heartful condolances.

    Ronee the Grandmom from Atlantic City, New Jersey

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