Happy Birthday, Dread!


Happy Birthday to David “Dread”  Hinds who was born this historical day, 1956 – Handsworth, Birmingham. All best on disya day and night!!

Love and peace, your Steel Pulse Family

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dread!

  1. Frederica Anderson

    Happy Birthday Dread! May JAH bless you always.
    From: Queen Freddie
    PS: Would love to see you at another concert in the Big Easy, New Orleans, LA

    1. Brooke Marshall

      Happy belated birthday! I second that in the Big Easy! One of the best SP shows we’ve been to! Hope to see the HOB on the calendar soon.

  2. Dan Alexander

    Alix and I wish you a blessed and Happy Birthday. Much joy and respect.

    Dan Alexander
    Charlotte, N.C.


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