A Tribute to Chinua Achebe


Hail Mi Irieites,

We just lost one of the great voices in the world of literature. Chinua Achebe, the Nigerian writer and statesman, passed away in Boston at the age of 82. I never got to meet him, which is a regret, but my biggest regret is that he did not win the Nobel Prize, as he so richly deserved.

Of Achebe, here is what Nelson Mandela says: “There was a writer named Chinua Achebe in whose company the prison walls fell.”

Achebe shows us how an artist finds their own voice, as he found his own power in the stories that he told. He was and will remain a Father of African literature and a voice against injustice and cultural violence. If you haven’t read his most famous book – Things Fall Apart -  you owe it yourself to do so. It’s going to be sold out any minute, so check the library.

Bless. D

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