A Salute to Quincy Jones


Yes, Mi Irieites,

Just a quick one before my day runs out.  Today, March 14th 2013, the legendary Quincy Jones, turns 80.

Quincy Jones has had several decades of success in the entertainment business is a man who I could honestly say, had the “Midas touch.”  Virtually everything that he had a hand in turned to gold.  But in my opinion the most noted for me is the production he displayed on the “Thriller” album of Michael Jackson, which has now surpassed 110,000,000 copies world wide.

I was fortunate to have read the autobiography of Quincy Jones and it was no easy road for him.  However, there was something about the city of Seattle that brought out a unique calibre of musicians.  The world has been already familiar with the likes of Hendrix and Ray Charles.  Just like Ray, it would be a  treasure for the likes of Spike Lee, Spielberg, or whoever, to bring to life the tale of Mr Jones on a large screen.

In the meantime, Quincy – have a prosperous day, week, month, year and even another decade or two.  Thanks for your duty to the world!!

Bless.   D

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