Steel Pulse: The Mission


Hail Mi Irieites,

We welcome you to our new website and blog.  Our aim is to present and share with you our objectives with the hope that your comments and ideals can be a contribution to whatever there is to be resolved.  Please consider this as moments that will be treasured and celebrated with you, our fans.

For us, the mission is: love + justice through music.

Without love there is no justice,and without justice there is no peace. Our views are sometimes political, sometimes controversial. But what we care about is the plight of the“downpressed.”  Are our leaders doing enough to help those who can’t help themselves?  Are we? Are you?

Our aspiration: A world where wisdom is respected, and hatred is rejected.

Join us!  Bless.

2 thoughts on “Steel Pulse: The Mission”

  1. Blessings Brethren, good to know how this site is to be used. Looking forward to stimulating ideas and thoughts.

    Peace To You!

  2. Give Thanks & Praises….Steel Pulse and all Natural Mystics are in the air…and on this site.

    Marvin Gaye said Music is the soul…..So let this site be a forum for your soul…And speak truth to power.

    Speak in the memory of Bob Marley, Joe Strummer, Dr. King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm, John Lennon and all those who devoted their lives to justice. Speak on behalf of the People of Haiti and all who are displaced, homeless & suffering. Speak on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. You never might start a movement…you might catch a fire……Ed Koster

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