Steel Pulse: Put Your Hoodies On [4 Trayvon]
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Put Your Hoodies On
[4 Trayvon]

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March 5, 2013 relaunched to help fans learn more about us, the music, and our focus on love and justice.


RAR 78
In 1978, race relations in Britain were in crisis. The National Front was gathering power and immigrants lived in fear of violence.

But that year also saw the birth of a campaign - Rock Against Racism (RAR) - aimed at halting the tide of hatred with music - a grassroots movement culminating in a march across London and an open-air concert in the East End. The campaign involved groups like The Clash, Steel Pulse, Buzzcocks, X-Ray Spex, The Ruts, and others, staging concerts with an anti-racist theme, in order to discourage young people from embracing racist views.

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Put Your Hoodies On [4 Trayvon]

No JusticeYes mi Irieites,

As we commemorate the 2nd Anniversary of the slaying of Trayvon Martin, we are still searching in vain for justice in America.

Two things you can do right now:

1) Sign the NAACP petition to ask the DOJ to investigate
2) Donate to the Trayvon Martin Foundation

Jah is not sleeping...

David "Dread"
February 26, 2014

"Put Your Hoodies On [4 Trayvon]" is a plea for justice. Written by David "Dread" Hinds as a reminder of the FACT that an innocent teenager is dead, shot by a man who was playing “vigilante” - pursuing the teenager around the neighborhood despite being advised against it by the authorities.


Put Your Hoodies On [4 Trayvon]
by Steel Pulse


David "Dread" shares his views on what motivated him to write this song:

- "Our condolences to the family members of Trayvon Martin. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always."

- "America goes on trial here, and the world is watching. Has anything changed since Hattie Carroll?"

- "This man (Zimmerman) was hunting Trayvon. He profiled Trayvon and pursued him with hate in his heart."

- "It took 44 days just to arrest Zimmerman, and the police chief had to get fired for that to happen."

- If Trayvon was crouching over Zimmerman when he was shot, why is there no Trayvon blood on Zimmerman?

- "Zimmerman lied about not knowing the 'Stand Your Ground' law while in fact he had taken a class on it, with an 'A,' no less! "

- "Zimmerman said Trayvon jumped out of the bushes... except there are no bushes where the encounter took place."

- Trayvon was supposed to have smashed Zimmerman on the nose, yet for the type of damage seen, there was no blood on Trayvon's hands or clothes.

- "Zimmerman says the dispatcher asked him what was Trayvon doing now so that was why he left the car... but the dispatcher told Zimmerman told not to follow Martin."

- "Zimmerman claimed he wasn't following Trayvon but was looking for a street sign.. except there were only three streets in the development and he has lived there for three years, walks his dog there, and is the head of the neighborhood watch."

- "Zimmerman said that he called out for help and that he felt his life was in danger as Trayvon put his hand over his mouth and nose and was "smothering" him... except the the recordings of the screaming showed that there were no pauses or breaks in the screaming... it was continuous.... unless of course it was actually Martin who was doing the screaming."

- "Zimmerman claims that he shot Trayvon while he was in a tussle with him grabbing the gun, yet there were no fingerprints or DNA found on the gun or holster of the assailant that belonged to Trayvon."

- "We can pray for justice. But this could well end up as the day justice itself is killed - again. The curse of history cannot be lifted from Sanford, Forida. This is a town which has a legacy of racism and sundown laws. No matter what the outcome of the trial, the truth remains the truth, and the ghost of justice will haunt this town forever."

Put your hoodies on
This one’s for Trayvon
Put your hoodies on
This one’s for Trayvon

This is a plea to all
Oh yes to all mankind
You can’t escape the judgement
Or peril in this time
Now all the weak in heart
Come stand up for your rights
So just and so divine
When the hungry get a bite, hey

Put your hoodies on
This one’s for Trayvon
Put your hoodies on
This one’s for Trayvon

I’m speaking out to all
There’s something we can do
To tip the scales of justice
Of the flag red, white and blue
No way we’ll shut our mouths
Won’t let this thing lie down
This act of homicide
That night in Sanford town, oh!

Put your hoodies on (Put your hoodies on)
This one’s for Trayvon
Put your hoodies on
This one’s for Trayvon

I’m go break it down
I don’t understand it really
Imagine that was me
That was walking with my hoodie
Another young life straight
Taken from a bullet, or should I say bully
Trayvon attacked him? But how could he?
When all the evidence never added up fully
So now we can’t forget the 26th of February
A crime unjustified
And now it’s necessary for us to take charge y’all


Ain’t no doubt in Jim Crow’s South
Won’t shout my mouth it's all about the hoodies

No matter your religion
You make it your decision
But if it takes collision
We’ve got the vision

For Equal Rights
Cannot wait another night
But I’ve got this bitter taste
Don’t let this court case go to waste no no no

He was only seventeen
Only seventeen no

(Woe woe shot down)

Like a dog in the streets..


Put your hoodies on…. Adlib and out….
Put your hoodies on
Put your hoodies on
Put your hoodies on
Put your hoodies on

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